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what I did last week. Unit 14

Monday: I went to work, I went to the university and I talked a lot with my wife.

Tuesday: I went to the university, then I went home and studied a lot.

Wednesday: I worked a lot. I went to my mother's house.

Thursday: I went to the university, I talked with my friends and then I went home.

Friday: I slept late, I went to the university and then I went to work.

Saturday: I worked all day and at night I went out with my wife to the movies.

Sunday: I slept late, when I woke up I had lunch, I watched T.V and I shared a lot with my family.

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Introduction End

Good afternoon, my lovely teacher. I'm keeping in touch with you to let you knon a bout my last task whihch consists of units done by internet.

Biography Simon Bolivar (El Libertador) Unit 15.

Simon Bolivar was born on july 24th 1783 in Caracas. He formed part of " El Libertador Army" in Venezuela. He aclieved our independence and freedom from spain. He also freed four other countris: Colombia,Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. He died is Santa Marta Colombia on December 17th 1830.

Favorite Date Unit 11.

My favorite date has to do with, Chinita's virgen's celebration who is our spiritual leader. we admire her for being partof our custome and belifs. She first appeared in november 18th 1942. Since that date it was celebrated as a holy day in our state.

Unit 13 Prepositions of place

Juan: Good afternoon lady, My name is Juan. I'm a tourist and, I don't know this city. I don't like to know if you could tell me some addresses.
Brenda: Well, nice to meet you Juan. Let me see what. I can do for you.
Juan: It's very kind of you to help me. I want to know where the Post Office, the City Bank and the coffee shop are?
Brenda: The City Bank is on main street between the first and second avenue, next to the department store.
Juan: Ok, I understond.
Brenda: The Post Office is on the corner of second street and center avenue, next to Doctor's hospital.
Juan: Ok.
Brenda: Als' Coffe Shop is on second avenue, in back of the Regency Movie Theater.

1) You're at the Empire State Building. You're going to Rockefeller Center.
a) How could, I get to Rockefeller Center?
b) Walk up fith avenue 42nd street, turn left at 42nd street. Go for a block to sixth avenue. Turn right. Walk up sixth avenue for six blocks. Rockefeller Center.
2) You're at Rockefeller Center. You're going to the New York Public Library.
a) How can I get to the New York Public Library?
b) Go down sixth avenue for six blocks. Turn right at 42nd street. It's on your right.
3) You're at St. Pattrick's Cathedral. You're going to the Empire State Building.
a) How could I get to the Empire State Building.
b) Walk dow fith avenue for fourteen blocks. It's on the right.

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Food Pyramid Unit. 9

Food a like: Pasta, chicken, meat and vegetables.
Food I don’t like: Hamburgers and pizza.
Food I eat that’s good for me: vegetables and chicken.
Food I don’t eat that’s good for me: fish.
I eat a little of bread, fish and arepa.
I eat some of grains and cereal.
I eat a lot of eggs and fruits.

Healthy diet…. Yes or no? Why?

I think that I have a balanced diet due to the fact that I consume the proteins, fibers and carbohydrates needed to have a good health.